Your Business Challenges

Below are some of the challenges that many businesses face in successful and efficient budgeting and planning. Selecting those that are a priority in your business will enable us to personalise your report, equipping you to build a case for an affordable budgeting and planning tool.

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Planning/budgeting takes too long (months)

A long planning/budgeting cycle makes frequent re-forecasting less feasible and therefore your business is less responsive to change.

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Budgeting consumes too many man hours

Typical budgeting requires several submissions and revisions before being finalised. This inefficient process takes senior managers away from growing the business.

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Time is spent data gathering not analysing

Too often analysis is squeezed out because data gathering is inefficient, which may result in inaccurate or unreliable plans.

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Spreadsheets and manual processes are prone to error

Using multiple, fragmented spreadsheets and re-inputting data is error-prone and can result in a version control nightmare. Undetected errors add risk when making strategic or operational decisions.

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Complex business models prevent detailed forecasting

Complex interdependencies such as price breaks, derivatives or even bonus structures, can make effective scenario planning too difficult, often leaving businesses to accept unnecessary inaccuracies.

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Decisions are based on broad assumptions

If you’re unable to incorporate up-to-date market trends and external data into your planning, you’re adding unnecessary risk to your strategy.

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